Walk to School Day

The Healthy for Life Project has offered information, guidance, and technical assistance to schools in the Greater Norwalk area to promote Walk to School Day (WTSD). This event, coordinated by The National Center for Safe Routes to School, encourages students to all walk to school on the same day, promoting healthier habits, a cleaner environment, safety, and a sense of community. 

Between October 2013 and May 2015, the Healthy for Life Project promoted four WTSDs. Schools received basic information about WTSD, resources for more information about the national event, and alternative ideas to increase physical activity at those schools that didn’t think WTSD was a good fit for them.

In addition, they received the Walk to School Day: Step-by-Step guide with recommendations for planning an event, including areas where the Healthy for Life Project could help. This promotion resulted in 11 school events with a total of about 1,250 students, staff, and families walking.

walk to school day parade