Recordings of Press Conferences and Events

Norwalk’s Cannabis Ordinance Virtual Town Hall Meeting 9-19-2022  
9-11 Ceremony 2022 (Remembrance of September 11)  
Swearing-in Ceremony - Mayor Harry W. Rilling 11-16-2021  
9-11 Ceremony 2021 (20th Anniversary Remembrance of September 11)  
Mayor's Town Hall - Hurricane Henri Update 8-21-2021 at 6 p.m.  
Mental Health Awareness Press Conference 4-30-2021  
Solar for All - Norwalk - Homeowner's Workshop 4-27-2021  
Town Hall - Entry Level Firefighter Informational Meeting 4-21-2021  
Town Hall with Mayor Rilling on COVID-19 Vaccine Communication, Education & Outreach 4-14-2021  
Mayor's Town Hall Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine Access and Supply 3-31-2021  
Mayor's Town Hall Addressing COVID-19 Concerns within the Hispanic Community 3-17-2021  
Equity and Justice For All Commission Announcement 3-17-2021  
Mayor's Town Hall Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy 3-3-2021  
Small Business Assistance Program Lottery 2-18-2021  
Eversource Town Hall - Payment Relief During COVID 1-21-2021  
Mayor's Town Hall - COVID-19 Vaccinations 12-23-2020  
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 12-7-2020  
The State of COVID-19 in Norwalk with a concentration on Norwalk Public Schools 11-19-2020  
Veteran's Day Memorial 11-11-2020  
9-11 Ceremony 2020  
Press Conference on Corona Virus 3-5-2020  
Census 2020 Complete Count Press Conference 1-13-2020  
Back-in Angle Parking Press Conference 9-20-2019  
DPW Public Hearing on Flooding 5-28-2019  
Police Memorial 5-14-2019  
Walker Group Parking Study Public Participation Meeting 10-3-2018  
Walk Bridge Replacement Public Hearing 11-17-2016  
Mural Public Hearing 4-28-2016  
Recordings of Meetings and Hearings