2015 Working Fires

2/18, 19:42, 2 Weathervane Hill Westport, mutual aid. Westport FD requested one truck company to assist at the scene of a structure fire in that town

2/22, 11:47, 209 Rowayton Avenue, mutual aid. Two engine companies responded to assist. Fire had extended through the walls and floors from the basement to the second floor.

2/28, 09:08, 266 Range Road, Wilton, mutual aid. An engine and truck were requested by Wilton FD to assist them at a house fire.

03/07, 10:51, 41 Dairy Farm Road, arcing electrical lines caused a fire in the walls of a house. FD stood by for CL&P to turn off power before extinguishing the fire.

03/18, 11:20, 201 Ely Avenue, single family house with heavy fire on the first floor. A bedridden occupant was trapped in a front bedroom. Two firefighters found the occupant during their primary search and removed the victim outside.

04/25, 18:18, 69 Sylvan Road North,  fire on a flat roof above an attached garage on the Westport/Norwalk town line.

06/12, 22:49, 8 Lighthouse Lane, fire on one exterior wall of a two story house extended into two second floor bedrooms through windows.

07/02, 16:11, mutual aid, Town of Westport. An engine and truck responded to assist the Westport Fire Department at a house fire in Saugatuck Shores.

07/26, 13:52, 186 Gillies Lane, small fire in the wall behind clothes dryer.

 08/27, 19:44, 18 Pine Hill Avenue, kitchen fire, partially extinguished by the home owner. Firefighters used a hose line to complete extinguishment

 09/10, 13:44, 14 Canfield Avenue, Shorehaven Golf Club, two story wood frame auxiliary building, storage area and roof sustained heavy fire damage. 

10/17, 22:24, 212 Richards Avenue, fire in e chimney spread to the  roof fire. 

11/12, 14:37, 8 Rogers Square, fire in minimart spread to several adjoining stores in a strip mall. Several stores and the roof sustained major damage

11/23, 02:14, 36 Chapel Street, minor attic fire

12/07, 22:19, 10 Cove Avenue, fire on second floor of three story multi family spread to third floor and attic.