Civil Unions

Definition & Law

A civil union is a legal union between two people of the same sex that grants the parties all the same benefits, protections, and responsibilities under state law, whether derived from the general statutes, administrative regulations, or court rules, policy, common law, or any other source of civil law, as are granted to spouses in a marriage.

Civil Unions were performed in the State of Connecticut from October 2005 through October 2010.

As of October 1, 2010, Civil Unions are no longer issued by the State of Connecticut.

A Civil Union is dissolved through a court proceeding similar to a dissolution of marriage.

Certified copies of Civil Union Certificates are always available.

Copies & Fees

The fee for a certified copy of a civil union certificate is $20.


As per C.G.S. 46b-38rr, the Civil Union certificate may be converted to a Marriage certificate upon request of the couple.

You may request to convert a civil union to a marriage with the following certificate

Upon conversion, the former Civil Union certificate will be recognized as a official Marriage certificate. Requests for this document shall be made using the following "request for a certified copy of Marriage certificate" form.