The Training & Recruitment Division is responsible for maintaining certification and providing state-mandated training for the Norwalk Department of Police Services. The unit coordinates more than 2,700 man hours of training in 20 subject areas, training approximately one-third of the sworn personnel each year. The unit also coordinates recruitment, testing and training of all new officers.

Training is provided by department officers who have been state-certified by the Police Officer Standards Training Council (POSTC) in specific curriculum areas. Some of the areas that receive specialized training include:

Advanced training is also administered in the following categories:

Training Leadership

The training component continues to maintain its presence as a leader in training and record-keeping in the State of Connecticut. All of the department's training records are computerized and the quality of instruction is such that many instructors from the department are asked to instruct at other agencies, such as the Fairfield County Police Training Officers Association and the Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) Council Training, among others.

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To learn about the Training & Recruitment Division or the department's training methods, contact us at (203) 854-3003.