Project Bids & RFPs

Canaan Baptist Church Restoration

South Norwalk Farmer's Market

Open Door Shelter RFPs

Invitation To Bid - SONO Life Center Renovations

19 Belle Ave. Bid Package

 - closed

Housing Rehabilitation Specialist RFP/RFQ

  - under contract

24 Haviland Street Renovations

 - under contract

RFP Environmental Testing & Sampling

 - closed

Facilities Projects

  • No Current Projects

Urban Core Projects

  • 2016 RFP for Freese Park Master Plan Design - closed
    • Due by 3:00 PM on Friday, July 29th, 2016 to Tami Strauss ()
    • Walkthrough Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 at 10AM. RSVP to Tami Strauss at
  • Freese Park Addendum with Links
  • Walkthrough Follow Up Questions
  • Walkthrough Sign-In Sheet
  • Site Survey
  • 2013 Contour Map

Residential Rehabilitation Projects

  • No Current Projects

Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI)

Washington Village Transformation Environmental RFP - under contract