Keep it in Good Repair

How a Home in Poor Repair Could Affect Your Health

  • It increases the risk of injuries from accidents.
  • It is more likely to contain things that can cause asthma attacks, allergy symptoms, and other health problems.
  • If built before 1978, it may contain lead paint and increase the risk of lead poisoning. Lead poisoning harms children (damaging their ability to learn, think, and behave) and adults (raising their blood pressure and making them tired and irritable).

How to Know if You Have a Problem

You might need to make repairs to your home if:
  • You have moisture or mold, especially in the basement, bathroom, ceiling, or attic.
  • You have leaks, especially from the roof, around windows or doors, and around pipes.
  • You have missing or broken lights or windows.
  • You have missing or broken stair railings or steps.
  • You have worn or damaged electrical wires or cords.
  • You have paint dust or peeling, flaking, or chalking paint, especially in a home built before 1978.

How to Fix the Problem:

Check your home often. Maintain good conditions and repair problems as necessary.
  • Clean dryer vents, kitchen fans, and bathroom fans often.
  • Repair or replace broken windows, doors, railings, stairs, gutters, downspouts, and cracks or holes in foundations.
  • Fix leaks promptly.
  • Hire qualified professionals when necessary, such as for plumbing, electrical, and roof repairs.
  • In homes built before 1978, hire contractors who are certified in lead-safe work practices by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or learn how to work safely around lead paint.

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