Healthy Homes

On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors, mostly in the comfort of our own home. But when home is unhealthy and unsafe, it can lead to disease, injury, or even death. The Healthy Homes Initiative (HHI) is a holistic and comprehensive approach to address the connection between housing and health. The National Center for Healthy Housing tells us there are 7 tips for creating a healthy home. Click on any of the links to learn more about that topic.

The HHI defines a healthy home as a home that:

1.) Supports the physical and mental health of its residents,

2.) Promotes good health and quality of life for all individuals and families,

3.) Is structurally sound, free of environmental hazards, and complies with all applicable housing, building, and fire safety codes, and

4.) Is located in a healthy neighborhood

The Connecticut Department of Public Health launched HHI with the vision that “every Connecticut resident lives in a healthy and safe home environment”. The Norwalk Health Department is helping with this vision by providing services and programs that help to prevent and control the spread of disease, promote a healthy environment, and protect the quality of life within our changing community.

Additional information:

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