Licensing & Vaccination Information

Tag Requirements

City of Norwalk
Norwalk Animal Control & Norwalk Town Clerks Office

“Low Cost” 16th Annual Rabies Clinic
Norwalk Residents & Non-Residents

Location: Norwalk Animal Control Division
13 South Smith Street East, Norwalk, CT.

Rain or Shine

Cost: $20.00 Per. Shot (CASH ONLY)

Norwalk Residents Only -May also purchase Dog Licenses on this date also. Per. Conn. State Statue - 22-349, all dogs must be licensed with the City. If unlicensed, you could be subject to a $75.00 Fine

Cost for Licenses: Neutered / Spayed Dogs - $8.00
UN - Neutered Dogs - $19.00

PLEASE NOTE: Dogs - Must be LEASHED Cats - Must be Placed in CARRIERS

For more Information call: Norwalk Animal Control – 203-854-3240
Norwalk Town Clerk – 203-854-7747

Each owner or keeper of a dog over the age of six months (except those kept under a kennel license) are required to have a dog license and wear a collar with tags at all times. Licenses are renewed annually on or before June 30 at the town clerk's office or at the Norwalk Animal Control Shelter.

Owner Liability

A dog without a tag is presumed to be unlicensed and is not protected under the law. A tag must not be used on any dog other than the dog described in the license bearing the corresponding number. You are liable for damage done by your dog. Owners of roaming dogs are liable for prosecution.

When a spayed or neutered dog is licensed for the first time, a certificate of neutering or spaying from a licensed veterinarian must be presented.


All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, and owners must submit a rabies certificate to the town clerk's office or Norwalk Animal Control Shelter when licensing their dog. Payment at the shelter can only be made by personal check or money order. Access additional information about licensing and fees by view the Dog License Form and fee requirements.

Dogs and cats three years old and over must be vaccinated against rabies. A proof of vaccination certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian.