Walking is a great, low-cost way to get active and get around town!

In an effort to encourage more physical activity and community connectivity in Norwalk, the Health Department works with City officials,  community partners, and residents to improve walkability in Norwalk and encourage everyone to “Become a NorWALKER.”

NorWALKER Walking Maps
With help from the Norwalk Recreation and Parks Department and Norwalk Planning and Zoning Department, the Health Department mapped dozens of walking routes throughout the city. Find a neighborhood you would like to explore and become a NorWALKER! Click here to see all the NorWALKER Walking Maps!  

NorWALKer Map for the City Hall Area

Community Walks in Norwalk

Neighborhood walks and walking groups are a great opportunity to meet new members of your community, to engage in regular physical activity, and to see parts of Norwalk you may not have explored before. 

If you would like to start a community walking program in your neighborhood, the Norwalk Health Department and Healthy for Life Project are here to help! Email Jahliah Green ( for more information or help getting started.

Active Transportation and Pedestrian Infrastructure

A safe, pleasant, connected walking environment is essential for people to feel comfortable walking for pleasure, exercise, or to get around the City. Good pedestrian infrastructure, including sidewalks, crosswalks, lighting, street trees and landscaping, wayfinding, and other features, can create this kind of inviting walking environment. The Health Department is working with partners throughout the City to promote walking, biking, and a more connected community overall. Stay tuned for more updates, and visit our partners' pages to learn more:

More Information about Walking and Getting Active

Visit our Walking 101 page for recommendations, tips, and resources.