Growing Gardens, Growing Health

What We GrewGrowing Gardens, Growing Health offers gardening instruction, nutrition education, and cooking demonstrations to Norwalk families during the Summer. The program, which is held at Fodor Farm at 328 Flax Hill Road in Norwalk. This program is intended for families. Parents must be present with children each session.

During this program, families gain experience gardening fruits, vegetables and herbs. Families are assigned gardening plots and grow all seedlings and plants to ready-to-eat fresh produce. Families keep produce grown in their individual plots. Through a partnership with UCONN Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), families also learn new cooking methods through hands-on cooking demonstrations. EFNEP staff also teach families about nutrition facts and skills, such as national nutrition guidelines, how to read food labels, and tips for shopping on a budget.

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Kelley Tomlinson 

Health Educator

(203) 854-7983 

Jahliah Green

Health Education Associate 

(203) 854-7790 

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