Public Health Emergency Preparedness

The Norwalk Health Department’s Division of Public Health Emergency Preparedness works to ensure that the City of Norwalk responds effectively to natural disasters, bioterrorism, and other emergencies that could affect the health of the public. This mission is achieved through department planning and collaboration, staff and volunteer training, and public education. Additionally, the department conducts exercises and drills with local, regional, state, and community stakeholders in order to practice, evaluate, and improve existing plans.

In the event of a bioterrorism attack, the Norwalk Health Department is prepared to do mass dispensing and mass vaccination, providing medications or vaccinations quickly to the entire City of Norwalk population to prevent disease.

Emergency Response Team

The Health Department has a community-based Emergency Response Team (ERT) that helps the Health Department help others. ERT volunteers assist with local health programs and respond to public health emergencies. For example, in a health emergency, ERT volunteers would help Health Department staff distribute important medicines to the public. ERT volunteers also spread messages about health and preparedness to the community.

You do not need a medical background to participate in the Emergency Response Team program. The Health Department provides training. For more information on the ERT, click here

Contact Us

Glenn Iannaccone

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

(203) 854-7771

Dana Ross

Volunteer Coordinator, Emergency Response Team

(203) 854-7979

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