Saugatuck River Watershed

The large Saugatuck River Watershed includes a small portion of the northeastern corner of Norwalk. 

This Watershed encompasses portions of eleven other municipalities before meeting Long Island Sound in downtown Westport.  The portion in Norwalk covers the area from Grumman Avenue (the watershed's western boundary) to the Westport line, and from the Wilton town line south to near the intersection of Cranbury Road and Newtown Avenue.  Cranbury Park and Cranbury Elementary School both lie within the Saugatuck River watershed.   All large watersheds are broken down into smaller sub-watershed.  The area in Norwalk is the subwatershed for Stony Brook, which connects with the mainstem of the Saugatuck River just north of Long Island Sound.  

 stony brook watershed map

The Saugatuck River Watershed Action Plan

This watershed area was completed in 2012 under the supervision of SWRPA with Non-Point Source Pollution grant funds from the CT Department of Environmental Protection. 

Explore the full watershed-based plan here:
Saugatuck River Watershed Plan 2012