Do YOU live in a watershed?

Yes, we ALL live in a watershed!

a watershed
A watershed is the area that drains to a common waterway, such as a stream, river, estuary, wetland, aquifer, or even the ocean. So, if you live anywhere within Norwalk, when it rains...that rainwater eventually makes it to Long Island Sound. Depending on where you live in Norwalk, the rainwater coming off of your property will first drain to a smaller brook or river before making its way to the Sound. Check out the map of our watersheds below to learn more about YOUR watershed.

Why are watersheds important?

The water in our streams and at our beaches is only as clean as the land area that collects and conveys the water. If your watershed is polluted, then water in your stream, river, or beach is going to be polluted. 'Pollution' comes from a variety of sources. As stormwater moves across a watershed, it also picks up a variety of other things that might be in our yards: exposed soil, pet & wildlife waste, fertilizer & pesticides, oil drips, or cut grass. These things accumulate across the watershed, if they become excessive, they become pollution in our waterways.

Zoom in on the watershed map!

What watershed do you live in? Zoom in on the map to find your street, and then follow the links to the right of the map to learn more about what is happening in your watershed.

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