Election Officials

Election Officials and Their Duties

  • Moderators. The Moderator serves as the chief public official at each polling place. The Moderator is in charge of the polling place and is responsible for ensuring that all election laws and procedures are followed. In addition, the Moderator must do whatever is in his or her power to allow for a smooth voting process for all voters. All moderators must have an up-to-date certificate from the State of Connecticut stating that they have taken and passed a moderator training course. Generally, each polling place will have a moderator and an alternate moderator from opposing political parties.
  • Assistant Registrars. The assistant registrars deal with all voters whose names are not on the official voting list and all other problems. They and the moderator (and alternate moderator) are responsible for the smooth flow of the election. Assistant Registrars also administer curb-side voting when necessary. Each polling place has two assistant registrars, from opposing political parties.
  • Checkers. The Official Checkers locate a voter’s name in the official lists and check-off that he has come to vote on election day. They also check each voter’s identification pursuant to state law. Any problems are referred to the moderator and assistant registrars.
  • Ballot Clerks. The Ballot Clerk gives each voter a ballot after he has passed the checkers’ table and offers him a privacy folder. If the voter has spoiled his ballot or wishes to change it, the ballot clerk may give him a new ballot in exchange for his old ballot. The Ballot Clerk keeps track of the number of ballots issued.
  • Tabulator Tenders. The Tabulator Tender is in charge of the voting tabulator and for assisting voters who ask for assistance, while preserving the voters’ right to ballot secrecy. The Tabulator Tender is position at least three to four feet from the Tabulator.
  • Demonstrators and Challengers. Demonstrators are available to educate voters on the correct manner in which to cast their ballots and are available to answer questions from voters about the process and to show voters a sample educational video. The also assist the Moderator in crowd control.
  • Other Election Officials:
    • Head Moderator. Since Norwalk has many polling places (13 for municipal elections and 12 for state & federal elections) it employs a head moderator (and a deputy head moderator) to gather the election results from the various polling place moderators and compile them and declare the final results.
    • Absentee Ballot Moderator and Counters. All Absentee Ballots are counted at city hall, not at the various polling places and separate officials are responsible for this task.
    • Election Day Registration Moderator, Assistant Registrars, and Clerks.
    • The Town Clerk, the two Registrars of Voters, and certain persons from their offices are also election officials.