Absentee Ballots

Absentee ballots and applications for same are handled by the Town Clerk not the Registrar of Voters.

In certain instances, voters are entitled to vote by absentee ballot. These are described in the Absentee Ballot Application Process issued by the Secretary of the State.

If the voter qualifies, he must fill out an application form first; then obtain the actual absentee ballot; fill it out with his choices for the various offices; and return it to the Town Clerk strictly in the manner described in the instructions, using the two envelopes provided.

Application forms are available in English and Spanish. There are two types of forms: One type can be filled out using the on screen fill-in fields and then printed. The other one can be printed with blank fields and then filled-in by hand. Both must be signed by the applicant, and then sent it to the Town Clerk.

Emergency Absentee Ballot Application

In case of an unforeseen illness or physical disability which occurred within six days preceding election day, or hospitalization within six days before election day, a voter may make an emergency application for an absentee ballot. In this case the voter can designate a family member or care giver or, if available, a police officer or assistant registrar to deliver the ballot to him. Again, the form is available in either English or Spanish.

Political Parties and Candidates

Political Parties, candidates, and other groups may distribute applications under rules proscribed by the Secretary of the State. Please see the linked Absentee Ballot Application Process document.