If Your Name Is Not On The List

If There Is a Problem:

If the voter’s name is not on the checker’s list, the assistant registrars will help him. They have a master list of all Norwalk voters and should be able to determine if the voter is at the wrong polling place. If the voter has moved within Norwalk, and is in the correct polling place for his current residence, the assistant registrars may transferring his registration to the new polling place upon submission of a new voter registration card.
If the voter's name is on the Inactive List because he has not voted in several years, or mail to that voter's residence was returned by the post office (which can happen because an apartment unit number was missing on his application, or the Registrars' office misread his handwriting, or for other reasons) the voter may be restored to the active checker's list by submitting a new voter registration card.

If the assistant registrars still cannot find the registration information for the voter, they will call the Registrars’ office at city hall for assistance and direction.

If the voter has moved into Norwalk from another town or state, his registration cannot be transferred to the polls on election day. However, the voter may come to city hall and both register, and vote, at the Election Day Registration location.