Advanced Traffic Management System

The City of Norwalk is actively pursuing the expansion of the existing Close Loop Traffic Signal System into a fully integrated Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS). The goal for the City of Norwalk ATMS is to provide effective traffic management and improve public safety and security with the use of appropriate devices that provide the ability to monitor and control traffic flows, detect incidents and inform drivers and the general public of roadway conditions.

To help achieve this goal, the City is developing a Master Plan for the ATMS. This plan is prepared to guide the deployment of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) components in the City of Norwalk This ITS deployment includes the identification of locations for ITS components such as video monitoring cameras, dynamic message signs (DMS), video detection systems and emergency preemption units. The Master Plan analyzed various systems and equipment that are currently available and made recommendations on which elements should be included in the City's ATMS. These components are intended to be integrated into and work concurrent with the existing traffic signal system.