Voting Problems

Voting Problems
If your name is not on the checkers’ list of “Active Voters” at the polling place, there are several possibilities:
  1. You may be at the wrong polling place. Poll locations are different every year for many voters. In State/Federal years they vote at one place and in Municipal years they vote at another place. The Assistant Registrars have a computer list of all of the registered voters in all of Norwalk and they may be able to find your name on that list and tell you where you should go to vote.
  2. You may by “Inactive”. If the Registrars were notified that you moved, or determined that you hadn’t voted in a long time, and you didn’t receive or didn’t respond to their letter inquiring about the matter, your name may have been placed on the Inactive List. The Assistant Registrars can check that list to see if they can find your name. If so, you can fill out a form to be reactivated and then you will be allowed to vote.
  3. You may have moved within Norwalk recently. If so, and you are at the correct new polling place, you may fill out a new voter registration form to change your registered address to your new location. After checking to see that you did not vote at your old address, the assistant registrars will have your name placed on the list at your new polling place and you will be allowed to vote.
  4. You may have registered recently and the Registrars did not receive your registration card in time to get your name on the list. The assistant registrars will contact the Registrars of Voters office to see if you can be allowed to vote.
  5. You may have moved out of Norwalk and then moved back. This move may have cancelled you voter registration in Norwalk. You may re-register now, but you will be too late to vote in this election. If you want to register and vote you will need to go to Norwalk City Hall and do so in the area designated for Election Day Registration, which is generally the Community Room on the first floor. Follow the signs.
  6. It’s even possible that the Registrars’ list is incorrect. If you truly believe that you are properly registered to vote in Norwalk, in Federal Elections, you may fill out the forms and vote by provisional ballot. The Registrars will look into your case immediately after the election and if you are validly registered, your vote will be counted. However, you may prefer to register and vote using Election Day Registration at Norwalk City Hall as described above. This is available in all general elections, and will allow you to vote for all offices, whether or not the list is correct.